Morning Routines

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    A common term found in recent book that I have been reading is the one talking about “Morning Rutines” and what top perfomer athletes, and successful people do on their regular mornings. On my research about the science and psychology behind this common practice for entrepreneurs and more ordinary people in general I found that Morning Routines or Morning Rituals,  is a great way for the mind to start the day by doing things that fill it with a sense of purpose and satisfaction, by doing a task or activity regularly the mind does not have to work to decide what to do, or worry about starting the day, it simply enjoys by allowing the routines to start the day while it gets on focus, to later execute on important decisions, and take full control of the day by making problem solving, problem finding and other daily mind exhausting thinking processes.

So by simply having a morning routine you enable you mind to sit back and enjoy seeing you perform activities where it does not have to do a lot of thinking, it is refreshing, gets you pumped in the morning and ready to perform better for the whole upcoming day!

Why not share your day to day routines and see what ideas can we get from others!

Personally, I start my day by drinking water, stretching my body for a couple of minutes to get my blood running and then take a look at my top 3 priorities for the day, then I start Pandora on my computer and play some music to start my day! What d you do first thing in the morning?