2015 Goals


It’s been almost a month of the new year and to help me accomplish my goals of the year I decided to let friends and people know what they are so I feel more motivated to accomplish every single one of them.

In no special order or purpose here they are:A

-Run 3 times/week: At least 1 mile every time, so far I’ve been running between 2-3 miles three times a week and so far I feel very happy I’m following up with such (hopefully by now) new habit.

-Morning Ritual: It sounds weird at first, but I have found out that many successful people have their own morning routine or ritual to help them prepare for the day, listening to Lewis Howes, Anthony Robbins and other great people I took this tip and I’m starting to apply it every single morning, where I think of what I’m grateful for, I visualize the day, think of ways to serve others, I do breathing exercises and do basic stretching to get my body moving and my blood running.

-Read at least 1 Book per month: It might sound super easy for those who are natural readers and can eat a book for breakfast but on my own life and personal habits reading a book it’s not really on my top priorities. Of course with this goal I’m trying to change this since there’s so many great book I wish to read, and some that I have started but never finished for numerous excuses but not this year of course.

-Save Money: Saving and Investing money is one of my goals this year, more than anything being consistent and form a habit to know where my money goes and try to allocate it the best I can. Of course with this goal I also need to keep researching the markets since I plan on buying stocks and open a new account in a different bank just to have my saving money there and not feel tempted to spend what is available on my checking account.

-Plan each month: To have a basic plan of things and habits I want to continue doing, days off and other activities I want to accomplish.

Those are some of my principal goals, I think I will be learning as the weeks go by and find out the best way to make everything work, there are also another activities which I would need to do in order to keep up with such goals that I might later add to the list.

At the end of the month or beginning of the next one, I will check how am I doing so far to keep track of my goals and have an amazing year.

Time do Dominate the day!

image from: http://heallovebe.com/